The Spasskiy Group of Companies Plc, is a team of creative professionals having an extensive experience in fish, meat and poultry processing as well as in catering and restaurant business. We work with Moscow and Moscow Region enterprises and all branches of federal holding companies.


Our portfolio includes the whole range of necessary ingredients to produce premium-class foods. We also have spices and functional additives for middle - and down-market segments.


Yet, despite our achievements, we are not planning to stop where we are. We have launched the new project - our own brand SPASSKIY™. It has brought together all the innovations of our foreign partners and our extensive experience of working on the Russian market. We are happy to offer it to you at the best price-quality ratio.


Our goods have all the European and Russian certificates required. For further information about the product lines, please, see WWW.SPASSKIY.COM


Beyond any doubt, in today’s market conditions it would be impossible to build long-term partner relations with our respected clients without the high-tech support and top-level service. Thus we always put in most effort to attract professionals from different spheres to our team. There are five top-class technologists working in our company. They have a considerable experience of working in major holding companies and enterprises of our region. We have also attracted professionals in finance having experience of working in Sberbank and Raiffeisen bank, specialists in accounting and tax audit.


Credit lines in three leading Russian banks allow us to offer our clients excellent cooperation terms.


The warehouse of the Spasskiy Group of Companies is an advanced facility able to simultaneously store and process up to 250 tons of spices and functional additives, which allows to ensure an uninterrupted delivery cycle. We also have our own fleet of lorries, including those able to control and maintain the temperature required by the manufacturers. The Glonass-based vehicle monitoring system allows our logistics division to obtain the real-time information on the vehicle status.


Our own warehouse and transport facilities allow our clients to be 100% sure that spices and functional additives produced by our European partners meet the quality standards required all the year round and that the orders will be delivered in the right amount perfectly on time.


Our company is the first among the suppliers of ingredients in the meat processing industry have certified its warehouse and transport logistics system of the international system of GOST R ISO 22000-2007 (HACCP), which is mandatory in some European countries and is becoming more popular on the domestic market.


Certificate ISO 22000 - a standard that has become synonymous with food safety. It is a system that identifies, evaluates and controls risks constituting a grave threat to the quality of products and raw materials. It allows the consumer to be sure that the food products delivered from our warehouse, are absolutely safe. ISO certification considers risks or any factors that could affect the safety of products, and subsequently implements controls to prevent harm to the consumer.


In 2015 JSC "GC" Spassky Group "has launched its own production of food additives that are produced on the European equipment of the highest quality in accordance with European standards.


To control the manufactured products the company opened laboratory through which our technologists are able to conduct laboratory trials. Thanks to this, we can develop technology and products that meet all the needs of our customers.


Our company’s motto is Be ADVANCED, which indicates perfectionism and largely builds on the Kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of constant improvement. In our understanding, it means trying to do better everything we have done before. This is the main concept of our company’s development, which is reflected in the performance of every employee and has been acknowledged by many partners and clients. We seek to be perfectionists in everything, even in minor details.


The socially-oriented attitude of our company definitely correlates with our motto. We have already held a series of successful social projects aimed at organizing the leisure activities of children and the youth. We arranged the installation of two inflatable children’s playgrounds in the town of Vidnoe that worked the whole summer. We have recently sponsored the hockey match between the Dynamo Veterans’ team and Metallurg of Vidnoe.


We know how to work professionally and how to relax well. We annually hold corporate parties that bring our team together and that serve as an inexhaustible source of energy for future achievements. This year our company held an anniversary party in the Crimea in order to support the new region of the Russian Federation. Koktebel was sleepless for three days! The fireworks of unforgettable adventures and team trainings will always remain in the hearts of our employees.